Thursday, February 7, 2013

NC Trip: Lost Pictures

I am not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post or not...
but we took a "real" camera with us to NC.
Not just our phones.
sometime around late October,
I misplaced the camera.

It is small,
so I wasn't surprised...
but I was disappointed.

That is one of the reasons I wanted 
the beast of a camera I got...
I can't lose it!

I had lost hope in ever finding it again.

Then this past weekend,
my car started dinging.

Like the thing that tells you
that you don't have your seatbelt on
your door is open
something is wrong.

I supposedly have a smart car,
with a computer 
all that fun stuff
that tells me when there is a problem.

So after driving around with it 
dinging at us CONSTANTLY for
And researching like crazy on Google...
we finally opened the glovebox on 
while sitting in the parking lot of Advanced Auto
on our way home from church...

And guess what we found!
The long lost camera!!

I told my husband,
this was the only way I would have 
looked in the glovebox,
so God had to help me out!

(Turns out, the problem with the car,
was the emergency brake was partially
I figured it out because the emergency brake pedal
was in my way when I tried to rest my left foot in 
its spot while I was driving Monday morning)

back to the camera...

I was so excited because I knew it 
had more pictures of our NC trip on it.

What I didn't remember was what exactly was on it.

So here goes!
There are a lot,
so sit back and enjoy the show.

As I told you during 
we visited our alma mater...
North Carolina State University.
We took the kids to look around
and appreciate our old stomping grounds,
and where mommy & daddy met.

We strolled around campus

Looking quite out of place 
with 4 young kids
trapsing around a college campus
in the middle of the week!

We took them to the 
Free Expression Tunnel
on campus.
It goes under the railroad tracks
that run right through the middle of campus.
There are at least 2 tunnels like this under those tracks,
but students are allowed to paint on this one.
And they pretty much leave the other one alone.
Every once in a while,
they have a big painting party
and paint the entire tunnel white again,
to give others a fresh clean surface...
makes me wonder how many layers of paint
are actually on those walls!

Then if you recall,
it rained like CRAZY 
while we were on campus!
So we found some puddles...
the kids had forgotten what those were...
south Texas doesn't get much rain.

Then here are a few more pictures 
from our trip to 
the Raleigh Children's Museum,
We went there during

I love the exhibits at this museum,
and honestly never get tired of going to this one.

Mr. T loved playing cashier and pushing buttons!

Daddy has taught our boys how to play chess,
it is neat to watch them play each 
other and ponder their next move
with such large pawns!

Ms. Priss even attempted to get into the mix,
but bless her heart,
she has NO idea what she is doing...
good thing she's cute.

She decided to stick to gardening...

And more grocery shopping.

Bless my poor broken armed boy's heart...
this is the only bike he could ride for a while...
so I let him.

Mr. T was working the cash register again.
Does that mean he is going to be an accountant?

The ball-a-pa-looza is always a hit,
we could spend just about all day
at this ONE exhibit!

They take the balls up into a maze of air tubes 
and mazes!
Then they fill up a "floating piggy bank"
which gets so full,
it eventually dumps all of the balls on the
children below! 

Yeah - they don't look like they suspect a thing,
do they?

Mr. T hit the courts for a short time,

Then he and Ms. Priss looked down on the 
lay people below!
Like caged animals!

And Mr. T had time
for one more spin around town...

Before we called it a day,
and headed to my besties house.

The next day we picked up daddy from the airport...

This is what he looked like the morning after we 
picked him up...

Good thing we quit at 4, I don't think
he would have room for a 5th...
but that's what we said about each
additional one,
and there was always room for one more.  

As I told you in the 
we visited our favorite family "farm",
while we were in NC.  

In the posting,
I also told you:
"I had a lot of great pictures,

                                                                                   but somehow I have not been
able to locate that camera
since we got back."

Now you can see why we love
this place so much!!

Raingutter & well pump duck races!

Then we hit the 
corn silo
corn gazebo
corn bin
feed bucket.

Then we hit the giant slide

And in case you missed them the first time,
there are a couple of videos of our rides down the slide.

This one is of Ms. Priss going down.
(what a girl)

This one is of me & Mr. T

We ran around inside the 
hay barn
hay gazebo...

Mr. T was tired and cranky
and apparently had had enough
of mommy taking pictures.
He is hiding behind the post...
see the little elbow and foot
peeking out?

What a silly boy!

I snapped this one of Ms. Priss,
just because she looked so darn cute!

I already have my hand full,
but this one is going to 
give me 

I snapped these next 3,
then couldn't decide which one I liked best
to post for you guys.
So you get all of them!
Which one is your fave?




We grabbed a photo op 
my animals,
in front of the farm animals.

Then we took a hayride
over to the pumpkin patch
to pick our pumpkins!

Tough life,
isn't it?

We saw a scary giant spider on the way!

Let the hunt begin!

"OH NO!!"
came out of this kids mouth
when he saw this...

poor pumpkin!

We all picked out our pumpkins!
Daddy said this is how he felt
(he was the current male victim of the stomach
bug going through the house that week)

I looked for one perfect and round.

The littles discovered that theirs made great stools!

The rule in our house
is that you have to carry your own pumpkin!

This rule was instated a few years ago
when our oldest always wanted to get
the biggest pumpkin he could find
and expected daddy to carry it,
along with everyone else's!

So daddy created the rule, 
that you can get as big of a pumpkin as you want...
so long as you can carry your own pumpkin!

We did not make the broken armed boy,
nor the littles truly carry their own...
but you saw the size of R's pumpkin...
he had to carry his!

We hit the feed bin one more time
on the way out...

Man - he sure looks excited, 
doesn't he?

And she is just beautiful...

Not me man!
That is kinda creapy looking...

Thank you for joining us on our journey to NC and back.
I *think* that is it for pictures.
I have done quite a few posts on that trip...
but there was lots to show & tell!

back to non-NC Trip posts!

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