Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe Corner: Steel Cut Oatmeal - fiasco!

this is more of a
"What Wasn't For Breakfast"

A few weeks ago,
we got an insert in the Sunday paper 
from our local 
(and ONLY)
grocery store
full of recipes
for back to school.

I am always looking for ideas.
I don't like being stuck in a rut.

I saw an interesting recipe
for an oatmeal.

My kids like oatmeal,
all 4 of them.

I thought I would give it a shot.
I had most of what we needed,
except steel cut oats.

Here is the recipe:

The ingredients:

(I used dried cranberries instead of fresh)

I combined most of the ingredients,

Except the oats:

Then put everything
and the oats into the slower cooker,
right before I went to bed

I gave it a quick taste,
tasted good!
I was excited!

Got up the next morning,
and it didn't look right.

The recipe stated that you might
have to add a little milk to get it to 
the right consistency.
So I did...
and I did...
and I did...

Still didn't look like the picture.

The hubs said it appeared overcooked.
But I did it how the recipe said.

I couldn't figure out what happened!
Then it hit me...

There was an extra 1 1/2 c of water
required but it was not listed in the ingredients...
it was in the instructions...


I am hesitant to try this one again...
I still have the steel cut oats
sitting in my pantry...
waiting to be used on SOMETHING!

I might have to give this one another try...

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