Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pinewood Derby

A few weeks ago,
we were blessed with the opportunity to
participate in the annual
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby!!

This was our second year participating
and we are all learning how to do this!

Daddy jumped on line and allowed the boys
to peruse a few websites full of pictures
to get some ideas of how they wanted their
cars to look.

We let Ms. Priss pick out a design too.
Daddy picked Mr. T's design for him.  ;)

Daddy cut all of the cars out 
then the kids got to paint!

(J looks SO young here!)

Look how hard Mr. T is working!!

Then daddy discovered a little trick
to get it to go faster 
(I think).
It required a drill
sand paper.

So he and R got to work
16 "axles".

Daddy even put Hello Kitty 
in the driver's seat of Ms. Priss' car!

Then we headed off to the races!

J had a hot rod!
He won almost every race he was in!
 Look at all this excitement and 

What a proud car owner!  

R wasn't quite as lucky with his car.
And he was very disappointed.
Especially after watching his 
younger siblings do so well.  
But we did our best to remind
him that he came up with the design,
he designed his car,
from scratch!
He was proud of how his car looked!
So we attempted to lessen the disappointment as
much as we could.

Mr T and Ms. Priss did GREAT with
their cars too!

Mr. T proudly held his winning car up for all to see!

Daddy modeled Mr. T's after his truck.

J won first place (out of 6) in his den.

Ms. Priss got second place in the 
"open" division.
She was up there with two grown men!

But being my husband's child,
(and tired)
she was NOT at all satisfied with her medal!
She wanted a trophy!
She was not happy with coming in second place!

There was no reasoning with an almost 4 yo girl.
So we just let her have her moment.
Then she was over it and feeling better.

Mr. T passed out,
so this is all we could get out of him 
posing with his car.

 He did wake up right before we left
so I snapped a quick
group pic with their cars
and awards!

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  1. Such sweet pictures! Everyone needs a little cry when they get 2nd place. They all look like they did great!