Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finally 2013

my posts are FINALLY
up to events that happened in 2013!

I am back to the beginning of January...
so only about 45 days behind.  

I had to share two little snip-its in this post.

Game Time

Santa brought us a couple of new family
games this year.
One of them was 
by Melissa & Doug

I like just about anything
Melissa & Doug...

We played this one while we were waiting
for our 
to cook.

It is a game of
And by the looks of that tongue...
he was concentrating
pretty hard here!

There wasn't a whole lot of strategizing going on
with the two younger ones playing.
But daddy and mommy had fun anyways!

Another Milestone

While we were visiting in NC,
Mr. T started climbing out of the crib
that my folks had!

He would surprise us by coming into 
the room we were in
I had put him in the bed!

I knew his crib days were numbered
when we got back to Texas!

he didn't try to climb out of "his" crib.
But when I started to realize that he
was the only one of our children still in a crib
at this age...
I decided to start figuring out the transition.

R got kicked out of the crib at about 20 months old,
we wanted him good and out before the next baby arrived.
R graduated to the bottom bunk on a set of bunkbeds.

Then J didn't get kicked out,
but when he was around 2,
we promoted him to the bunkbeds too!

Then A got kicked out of the crib at about 18 months old,
for Mr. T.
So here he was, 2 yrs and 3 months
and still in a crib...
it was time.

And he was using is as a tramopline!
So that was it.

I hunted CL for a toddler bed,
but they are expensive!
And we have an entire bedroom set for the crib...
I would have to replace the entire room
and that just wasn't in the budget
(and I might or might not be alittle attached to this furniture).

So I started hunting for a railing to put on his crib,
after taking the side off.
Those, too, aren't cheap!
Even on CL!

Then guess what I found in a closet!
I thought it was going to be too big,
we have used it on big beds in the past...
but it was PERFECT!

So daddy took the side off,
we put the railing on

He can get in and out by himself!

He was so excited and feels like such a big boy!

And yes,
this is a double edged sword...
he can get in
by himself,
so now we have 4 kids
that can pitter patter their way
into our room
to my side of the bed
and wake me up in the middle of the night.
But I wouldn't have it any other way!

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