Sunday, January 20, 2013

NC Trip: The Long Haul Back to Texas (Part 2)

Week 7 (Part 2)

We wound up in Asheville 
on Halloween.
We really had to make a tough
when pondering leaving the snow.

We actually let the kids have some say in 
the decision too.
Some days we run a democracy in our house 
and let them have an opinion...
But most days it is a monarchy!
Yep -
that makes me the Queen of this Castle!

The kids were uber excited about snow,
they were equally excited about Halloween.

So we had to ask them which one they wanted to do more.
If we stayed in the snow, 
we would basically skip 

But if we decided to do Halloween,
we were leaving the snow...
And not coming back.

That was a TOUGH choice for them
Until they realized we were leaving 
the snow the next day anyways.

So they opted to NOT
skip Halloween.

We made the short drive to Asheville
(after our detour to get the furry critter
that was left in Banner Elk).

We arrived in Asheville,
unloaded the beast yet again...
and relaxed for about 5 minutes before we had to
start getting our 
ghouls and gobblins ready.

We had swung by a Bojangle's
for a potty break
(while we were still attempting to find 
a hotel)
and I HAD to get a couple
of BoBerry biscuits!
Had  to!

We noshed on them when we
got to the hotel room.
I tried to catch of picture of J eating
them since he loved them so much,
but I missed.
So I asked him to pretend like he was
taking a bite...
here is what I got...

Doesn't look like he is enjoying it so much
in this picture, does it?

Mr. T wasn't digging the dress-up thing too much.
We got a lot of resistance 
and rolling around on the carpet...

But he looked stinking cute doing it!

And he refused to wear his hat,
so daddy did,
in an attempt to get Mr. T to wear it.
It didn't work...
but he looked cute too!

Our princess witch had to get her 
make up on...

And the boys...
I am not on the same page 
as these boys
with all this 
boy stuff!

What is it with boys?
R and I finally 
settled on a
dead skull motorcycle rider person.

Down the hotel hallway...
Isn't this how everyone does Halloween?

Loaded up in the overstuffed car...
This is just ridiculous...
there are really no other words for it.

We hit the booming Asheville mall
for our first stop.

Mr. T really got into the candy thing,

Until he got tired of walking...
then he got wheeled up to 
each store.
Good gracious,
laziness at its worst!
But he's 2
and tired...
(and cute)
so we let it slide this time.

Once we left the mall,
we ventured to another side of town 
that I had seen on-line that was a great
place to go 

We headed to the 
historic Montford neighborhood.
But my camera died!
Suprise surprise...

I borrowed daddy's 
and snapped a few
but it didn't do it justice.
These people do Halloween right!
There were a couple of houses that the boys
wouldn't go up to
and most of the houses
the littles wouldn't even let us stop in front of.
This was definitely the place to be...
and the bad part is...
everyone knew it.
So there were literally 
people LINED up
to go to each of the houses.

This is a picture I attempted to take
of the boys showing some
of the Halloween decorations

Imagine this beautiful place all decked
out in Halloween decor!

Then we stopped for a quick photo op
while walking down the sidewalk to 
our next house.

This is the best of the 6 pictures I took...

But fun...and I am glad we did it.

When we finally got back to the hotel
the sorting 

 Mr. T wanted to eat 

While Ms. Priss couldn't 
decide where to start.
Decisions, decisions, decisions...

got everyone settled into bed.

Mr. T had a VERY hard time getting 
to sleep that night,
he was overtired.
But that makes for a tired
mommy & daddy the next day.

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