Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Texas Sized Thanksgiving!

Our first Thanksgiving in Texas was pretty low key.
We hosted my father-in-law and new step-mother-in-law
at our house.
We introduced them to 
southern green bean casserole
sweet potato casserole.
They were both shocked at how good
those two items were!

We had 2 turkeys...
one smoked
one deep fried.

We have been eating leftovers!
The hubby is still ok with the 
plain 'ole turkey...
but I will soon 
have to start repurposing
this turkey!

One idea around my house growing up
was turkey salad.
My husband LOVES
turkey/chicken salad
made with 

My little sis suggested 
kind of turkey salad...
might have to add 
a little franks red hot!

I also plan on making 
Tortilla Soup!

We are planning on getting our tree 
this weekend.
We will be driving to a little farm
just east of Austin.

Its not the NC Mountains...
but my husband said it would have to do...
he was NOT hoofing it to the
NC Mountains
to cut down our tree this year.
We have been cutting our own tree
down each year since
our oldest was born...
and we even made it to the NC Mountains a few 
what an experience!
A few years ago,
it was actually snowing
while we were picking out our tree.
Makes me smile and cry all at the same time.
What beautiful memory!

My husband braved the chaos
at Wal-Mart on Thursday night.
I braved the laptop
and the chaos with 
websites crashing.
But we are NOT
Black Friday lovers.
That was a first and last for us!

I hope you and yours had a
wonderful and relaxing

The norm is to say what you are thankful for
on Thanksgiving...

This year - 
I am thankful for the opportunities that God
has presented to our family
and thankful that He gave us the courage
to see where these opportunities might take us
even if it is all the way to Texas!

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