Friday, November 18, 2011

What's New??

So what's new in this household??
Not a lot...
we are getting into somewhat of a routine.
I haven't totally developed a schedule yet.
The kids & I are enjoying 
It affords us the opportunity to do 
different things throughout the week.
We attend a weekly PE class.
We go to the children's museum for "science"
about once every other week.
We go to the library about once a week.
We are planning a trip to the zoo next week.
I am still researching and figuring this thing out as we go...
Its amazing how little time is really needed for this though.
Most of the time spent in schools on these subjects
 is teaching to 24 students
making sure everyone understands.
When you only have 1 student...
the lessons are

Between researching homeschooling stuff.
Doing homeschooling.
Attempting to organize
the house
and our finances...
(just got Quicken and I have to manually enter 
8 months worth of financial information! - UGH!!)
Keeping up with my household chores
(including blowing up a vacuum!!)
yes - you read that right...
we have had the same vacuum for close
to 10 years 
and it has been fine...
no complaints really
that is until yesterday...
I started vacuuming...
got one good swipe in
and then it made a funny noise
then came to a complete
and started 
Smoke literally started billowing 
out of my vacuum!
And stinking up the house...
not exactly sure what happened.
But needless to say - 
I will be looking for a new one
during Black Friday!
(among other things)

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