Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy (belated) Halloween!

I am a little behind!
I have been struggling getting pictures from 
my phone
to the computer.
I tried downloading them to google docs,
sending them to myself via e-mai,
having Joey send them to me...
dug the USB cable
out of our
"cable bin"
and connected my 
stinking phone directly
to my computer!

Why hadn't I done that before?
Couldn't find the cable!

So that will hopefully not happen again,
and I should be able to update
WITH pictures
more easily!

With the move, Halloween was
kinda put on the back burner...
luckily they sell costumes here
in Texas!  
We took the kids to the typical
kids costume stores:
Party City

R thought he wanted to be something gross and scary
Like those ghoulish things that scared him silly at SeaWorld?
Yep - like those...
That is until we went to SeaWorld and he saw all those things...
So he went with a Vampire.

J wanted to be a ninja again.
First, he was a ninja 2 years ago and I keep all of their
costumes in a "costume bin" in the 
bottom of their closet...
so if he wanted to be a ninja, he could
dig the old costume out!
Second, I wasn't digging that idea,
cause we do calendars 
(thanks to my sisters for the idea YEARS ago)
of the kids each year for the aunts & grands & godparents.
So I didn't want the same kid in the same costume.  :)
So we finally caved and let him be a different ninja.

A was hung up on being a witch.
Not really sure where the idea came from, but whatever.
So she kept talking about a witch at 2 different stores.
At Party City, they have pictures
of all the costumes 
lining the wall from floor to ceiling
divided by age group and gender.
There were 2 little witch costumes at her
eye level and this little tiny girl
turns to her big ole daddy
and grasping her hands 
looks up at him 
and says
"Please, please, please"

(but where the heck did she get that from?!!?)

So the next question, did it work?
Yes, it did.
Daddy said she could have it.
Then he picked her up
and she became eye level 
with a Hello Kitty costume.
And my almost 3 year old daughter is
"my kitty"
(as she refers to it).
So she squealed with delight and 
just started exclaiming
"my kitty, my kitty".

(this child starts hollering 
"my kitty, my kitty"
Hello Kitty 
in the store -
including items on other little girls!)

So the witch idea QUICKLY 
rode out the window on its broom!

She got her Hello Kitty costume.

The kids all chimed in and helped pick out 
a little costume for 
Tony Cruz...

I present you with...


(here are 3 of the 10 pictures we took)

(this is the only one in focus with all 4 kids looking 
toward the camera!) 

The Haul! 


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