Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Weekend!!!

About nine months ago,
my father-in-law informed us that he was getting remarried!
And knowing that we were planning to come to 
Texas for a visit sometime this year,
he inquired about our schedules
(well the kids year-round school schedule)
in order to plan the wedding at a time
we could make it down.
(Its nice to be that loved!)

The wedding was scheduled for 
November 19th (our fall trackout)

Then for those of you following...
things changed in our house
and we wound up
to Texas.

So needless to say - 
we were definitely here
for the wedding.

The festivities started Friday
and didn't stop
til Monday night
when the last guests finally went home.

My sweet sister agreed to 
fly in for the wedding
to help us out.
She came in Friday night
we did the "girl thing"
Saturday morning
my sister
my daughter...

We got our toes done and went shopping.
It was nice.
Then home to 
get everyone all dressed up.

I got the kids matching outfits
that are going to double as their 
Christmas picture
Christmas Mass

One child at the wedding actually referred
to us as
"the red twin family"

(not the best focused picture - but you get the idea)

The kids were AMAZING
considering they had to sit at a table most of the night.
I will admit that we had some 
electronic help with the boys behavior
and boredom!

My daughter was the hit of the wedding
(besides the bride and groom, of course)
She LOVED dancing and stayed on the dance floor
the whole evening
wearing mommy & daddy out!
(I have no idea what Jackson is doing...)

My husband's grandpa
had a 
"dance-floor-side" seat
and he thoroughly 
enjoyed watching
"tiny dancer" 
all night. 
My sister was AMAZING
took the kids home
so my husband and I could
stay and enjoy 
with his family.

When I came back in after helping 
my sister get the kids in the car,
I sat down beside Grandpa 
and asked if he needed anything.
His only response...
"my dancer".


I got to practice my spanish and re-met 
all the Texas cousins.
It was nice,
very nice!
And we had a great time...

It was nice of them to throw such a great
"welcome to Texas" 
event for us!  

(There were more pictures taken,
I will try to upload them as I receive them.)

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  1. It was my first Mexican wedding and VERY fun! Glad I could join you (: