Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forgotten Detail from Road Trip...

So after our Texas shaped waffles...we piled back in the suburban and headed south again...

-New info starts here-

We got about 9 minutes down the road before someone had to potty...
imagine that!
Luckily we thought ahead and put a little potty
in the car for Alexis so we didn't have to stop every time she thought she had to pee.
Needless to say - it wasn't her we were stopping for.
We stopped at a rest stop just out side of Temple, TX
and it was a VERY nice and well built
rest stop complete with a nice playground.
So even though we had only been in the car
for 9 minutes...
we took a 30 min break!
all 4 of the kids (and the Nana) 
enjoyed it!

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