Friday, November 4, 2011


Ever since we decided to give this 
homeschooling thing
a shot...
I have been eager 
to get in touch with some other
homeschool moms.
Last week, 
I sent out a few e-mails to different groups 
trying to get info on their next meetings
hoping we could attend.

It just so happened that two different groups
had a meeting type thing
today - at the same time
but at two different locations.
I decided to hit one and then 
hoped that the other would still 
be going and we could hit the
tail end of the second.

The first turned out to be a 
park play-date
we were one of the two 
families that showed up...
the other family,
was the organizer!
So that turned out to be a huge

We cut our 
park playtime short
and headed off to the second one,
hoping it was still going.
It was!  We got there a little late
but it turned out to get almost
perfect timing!

It was a WONDERFUL group!
I am so excited and 
it was uplifting
to see all those homeschool families there!
I spoke with quite a few moms
some that had kids younger than mine
that were homeschooling
(so they were newbies too)...
and I spoke with a couple of moms
who have been homeschooling for 15 years!
And they are still a part of this group!
I definitely think this is going to be a good fit.
And can't wait to get 
 some ideas 
on this endeavor.

Its also odd not feeling like I am the only one with a large family!
I don't feel like we are that big of a family
and when we were at this meeting...
we weren't!
It was great!

I am so happy to have found TORCH!

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