Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Since I am so behind...
I figured I would give you a 
2 for 1 today!  
Aren't you excited?!?!

So we had been here a few days and I had decided that I was going to
keep the kids out of school for a few weeks
and do some fun stuff.
We are used to a year round school schedule
and the kids were due for a break in a few weeks.
So I figured we could do our break now...
and go and visit the zoo
and the children's museum 
during the non-peak season
(while everyone else was in school)

was constantly threatening the kids
when they got unruly 
that I was going to send them back to school 
the next day!

Then we went down to the neighborhood school
to get the required information
to sign them up.
While there,
I didn't get this 
warm fuzzy -
"I want to send my kids to school here"
I got a ton of pressure from the front office staff
about why I needed to enroll my kids THAT DAY
and get them to school the next day.  STAT!
And just in time for them to teach
my 5 yo and 7 yo
how to
"Say No to Drugs"!
Um, excuse me, what??
My kids have NO IDEA about "drugs"
and personally I would like to keep it that way for a little bit longer.
They are my kids and last I checked my opinion 
is really the only one that matters
as to their schooling 
(well daddy's too).
So this along with LOTS of other 
little things that had presented themselves
like us considering homeschooling before R started school 2 years ago
Rico telling me he doesn't like school multiple times
he was bored at school
the list goes on...

with all of these "things" presenting themselves to us
the fact that we had just moved
and it was as good of an opportunity as any...
we have decided to take the leap into 

We have only been at it for a little over a week,
but so far the kids seem to enjoy it
and they have told me so a few times.

We have visited the library twice for storytime for the babies.
We have become members of the local children's museum
which they ALL loved!
And it has science experiments every week!

 Bubble kids...

 A gave it a couple of tries...

 Then big brother had to help out a little...

The aquarium kept them entertained for about 30 seconds!

 Yes, my boys are milking a fake cow...

 Then there's the miniature grocery store...
the kids could have spent HOURS in here.
They had short shelves (seen in the background)
stocked with real (yet empty) items!
Miniature shopping carts,
and even working cash register computers!
It recognized the items as the kids scanned them...
they had a BLAST here - 
I have other pictures, but they were really blurry
(due to the pitiful camera on my phone).

Then we moved on to the science experiments...
First, we made
"Glow in the Dark Slime"

Then we played with
"Disappearing Ghost Balls"
(or something like that)
these clear balls disappeared in a cup of water

Then there was 
"Ghost Bubbles"

Then T.C. got to enjoy the ball room!

Phew - I am tired just thinking about that day!!

We have had an extremely busy weekend too - 
I can't wait to tell you about that -
but won't bore you with a 

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