Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend of Fun!

I think we are slowly getting used to our new life.
We are all enjoying the new work hours 
for daddy.
For as long as we have been working,
I think the earliest my husband
has been home from work on a 
daily basis 
was when he worked for 
the government and we lived
about 15 min from his office.
We would see him about 5:30pm
Since he has gotten used to getting up and into the office
before 7am (owning your own business will do that to you)...
he kept the hours going here.
When we owned our business back in NC,
he would be out of the house by 6:30am
and we wouldn't see him 
until 6:30pm.
That is 12 hours!
And to us - that wasn't a whole lot of fun.
He kept with the early to work mindset here...
but now he gets home around 3:30pm!
None of us are quite sure how to act!  
Because of these awesome hours...
we are able to do things in the afternoons
after daddy gets home.
School is done,
naps are done,
no homework...

So we decided to take a little time to do some fun stuff
as a family this past weekend.
(Weekend before Halloween)

 Daddy got home around 1:30pm
We had some errands to run, but loaded up the kids
and headed out to SeaWorld!
SeaWorld San Antonio is only about 15 minutes 
from our door!
And my father-in-law, purchased us season tickets
as a "welcome to Texas"
So we ventured out to SeaWorld on Friday afternoon.
SeaWorld apparently does the holidays up right!
There is something called "Howl-O-Scream"
at SeaWorld.
They had the whole park
decked out in 
Halloween creatures.

We had a great time, until we ventured into the
"Scare Zone".
And discovered that the 
ghouls and goblins
come out in force
in the Scare Zone
after 6pm!

I was VERY impressed
with the production 
that this park put on for 

My children -
not so much!

Taking a 7 yo, 5 yo, 2 1/2 yo and 1 yo 
through a "haunted" theme park...
not the best idea.
My oldest two boys were crawling up 
me and my husband.
The little ones were pretty clueless
but not the bigger ones.

I was worried that we would have 
both of them staring us down 
in the middle of the night
begging to crawl into our 
surprisingly we made it through the night
with no extra bodies in there!

I didn't think to take any pictures
of the ghouls and goblins...

I did, however, get a shot of daddy
taking three of the kids on a ride.

T.C. enjoying
"The Monster Mash"

I am going to try and flip it but
was to anxious to share...

we went to
the library
to paint sugar skulls
Dia de los Muertos.

After the rest of our "stuff"
arrived from North Carolina and was unloaded...
we traveled about 30 minutes south of San Antonio
to a little town called Devine, Texas
to visit
Devine Acres Farm.
I am a LOVER of
Hillridge Farms in Youngsville, NC.
I absolutely enjoy
taking the kids there every year...
I was hoping that this place would be similar.
Not so much.
It was nice
but unfortunately
it has pretty big shoes to fill
and it left me a tad

But we had fun anyways
got to scope out potential 
Christmas Trees
on their farm!!

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