Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birthday Girl Trip #2!!

My guys have everything 
anything they could 
really want!
I am sure there is always going to be something else
they "want"...but for the most part...
they are not big
 by training mind you.

So we have really been trying to gear gifts more
toward experiences instead of 
more "things"
more "stuff".

So her Grammy decided 
that a trip to 
Great Wolf Lodge
was a great way to celebrate!!!

So after our Pinkalicious girls night,
we headed home
loaded up
and headed to 
Great Wolf Lodge!

We were greeted with a birthday banner on our door,
for the birthday girl!

We were surprised with a very nice room!

Daddy saw how big the tub was,
and decided to see if it would fit him...
It did...
him plus 4!
Uncomfortably, though...

The birthday girl got a nice long bubble bath,
by herself!

We turned the Jacuzzi jets on, 
and the bubbles, 

And grew!!!

I am pretty thrifty,
with 4 kids
and one salary,
it is almost a must.

The first night,
I decided on an antipasto style dinner.
Cut up cheese
Cut up lunch meats
Cut up fruits and veggies
They were a HIT!
And we were able to snack on this
the whole weekend.

And, of course,
I brought my own plates
we washed them in the tiny in-room sink.

After a quick dinner,
we put the littles to bed
and Grammy let
mommy and daddy take the big boys
back to the water park for a bit.

Rico's favorite part of the Williamburg park
is the body boarding ride.
He is getting really good at it!
And he spends most of his time at this ride!

Hubby snapped a picture of me watching my 
baby boy do daredevil stunts.

Saturday we were up bright and early and 
back at the waterpark.
there are no pictures from most of our day's

After dinner,
they had face painting in the lobby.
We were some of the lucky few to get our faces painted.
Mommy joined in the fun!

(left to right:  football player, Spiderman,
Hello Kitty*, a girl wolf, a skeleton)
*I let the girl doing the painting pick my character.

Then, of course,
back to the water park.
This is what the boys looked like after a round 
on the wave rider.
Jackson looks kinda scary!

We were up bright and early again on Sunday.

Grammy had brought a cookie cake 
to celebrate with Alexis for her birthday,
and we hadn't slowed down long enough
to cut it...
so guess what we had for breakfast?

Then we hit the water again...

As is the norm with all of our kids,
we have to talk them into the slides 
in the kiddy section.
But once we finally threaten them with 
life and limb...
they finally decide that they LOVE it!
And we can't get them off of it!

The big boys did such a good job helping their little brother.

Jackson and Lex on the bigger slides.

Then miss priss shocked quite a few people at how 
brave she was to go across these lily pads!

She did such a good job,
and really almost made it look easy!

She finally made it to the end,
and the rope was just too tall for her to reach...
so hesitantly...
she made a jump for the side!

...And she missed!

That was pretty cute
and pretty funny.
I did help her out
I took the picture!

After 3 days of wearing himself out...
Mr. T finally couldn't hang any longer!

The kids have such a good time at the waterpark.
And they are insanely blessed to have a grammy
that loves taking them there
as much as they like going!!

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