Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow! (Round 2)

Seeing as it is almost June,
and it is pushing 90° outside down here...
I figured why not think cool thoughts,
and catch you up on the 
snowfall we got down here
(back in January)...

Ms. Priss turned 5 on January 28, 2014.
Mother Nature decided that she needed some snow
...for her birthday.
So that evening...
it began.

it snowed

And our little southern town
isn't prepared for such snow!
(Because it happens so rarely!)

My husband is in charge of the 
public works department,
so around 4:30am,
he loaded up
headed out 
to make sure the roads were clear
(or as clear as they could be)
for those who needed to get out...

Being the awesome wife that I am,
I got up with him,
made sure he had plenty of food,
because he was probably going to be
working pretty long hours...
and saw him off.

Then promptly crawled back into bed
and passed out again.

The kids were overjoyed when they woke up
to this winter wonderland!

They immediately bundled up...

and dove in!

This is where daddy's work car sat during the snow...
can you tell?

Daddy was able to come home before dark
to enjoy some of the snow with the kids.

And to enjoy a little friendly snowball fight with the kids.

This time the snow stuck around for a couple of days,
so we were able to enjoy it a little longer.

Mr. T's idea of fun in the snow
involved a pail and shovel!

The kids actually figured out the snow was 
for building snowmen!!!

And snowballs!

And for sitting on snowman pieces to eat your snowballs...

Their snowmen were really starting to take shape...
they built them in our neighbor's yard...
meany mommy here...
made them move them! our yard.

The sleds came in handy...

Mr. T got back to his pail and shovel...

Here is one of the snowmen...
Makes me think of Olaf from

The littles took a break from snowman building...
to do a little sledding.

Then they got back to snowman building...

And when the snowmen were done...
on to snow fort building...

Then we took a little break 
for a couple of fun pictures...

I decided to see if I could get some pictures of the kids
throwing snowballs at the camera...
while threatening them with severe torture and punishment if they actually
HIT my camera!!!




Round 2:


I love my new camera!
The kids had SO much fun throwing snowballs at me!

My babies...

My world...

Plus this guy,
of course...

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