Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let It Snow!

In May?
Well, kinda,
but not here.

My baby sis is out in Colorado for the summer
and it is snowing in Denver right now!

But back to January...

Maybe we can make it through the 
January updates before the end of May.
(although, I would like to gain a little
ground and not be 4 months behind!)

We live in a small town southeast of Raleigh.
There is some snow,
but not typically a lot.

One of the biggest things that my oldest missed
about NC,
was snow.
When we came for a our visit to NC
back in 2012 in OCTOBER!
Rico and my mom prayed for snow. 
Me being the party pooper mom I am,
I told Rico (kindly)
not to hold his breath.
The chances of snow in NC,
in October were pretty slim.
you can guess what happened!
We trick or treated in the snow,
in the mountains of NC.
Thanks to hurricane Sandy!

So when we moved to this small southern town
in 2013. 
I warned him that we probably wouldn't get much snow.

So guess what happened...
of course!

We got snow!!!

Jan 22, 2014

And considering we had just taken the 
entire month
of December off!
I couldn't justify ANOTHER day off of school.
So PE was outside!
I knew they
wouldn't last long out there.
And there wasn't a ton of snow.

Before we could go out...
we had to get bundled up!

Thank goodness I had taken the time to 
organize the winter gear right around this time.

Mr. T got cold...

And traipsed right on back inside!

The big boys wrote their names in the snow...
and NO
not in the way you are thinking!!!

My cutie pie playing with the toboggans!

further proof that it snowed!
While we were awake!

After a brief warm up...
back out for
Round 2!

My littlest angels
snow angels!

Big brother giving them a sled ride!

We did decide to do schoolwork during our
"warm up" periods.

Then out of the window in our schoolroom,
Rico could see the snow quickly melting.

Notice the front yard of the house across the street!
The snow had already melted!

So our he went to squeeze in the last little bit of fun...
in the snow!

And seeing as this was probably the 
snow we would see...
I indulged him.

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