Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fall Family Sports

Our kids play sports...
whether they really want to or not...
we kind of insist.
For many reasons,
there is a lot to be learned from playing team sports.
Especially by homeschooled kids!

We started insisting on the sports thing,
before we started homeschooling.
It is chaotic with multiple children
on different teams.
We are now officially up to 3 players...
on 3 different teams...
with 3 different game and practice schedules.
We are being eased into the real chaos though.
This past fall,
we started playing with
Upward Sports Leagues.
They are smaller
Christian leagues
played at churches.
It is not the gigantic rec league.
It has its benefits and drawbacks,
but right now,
the biggest benefit...
we will never have games for
multiple kids
at the same time
at different locations!
All games are played in the same place,
at different times.
So the drawback...
our Saturdays are SHOT!

And if you have hung around long enough,
you know that NC State football games
are rather important to this family.
So having our Saturdays 
because of kids sports...
reeked a little havoc on our 
State football game attending this year.
There was more than one game 
where we rolled into the parking lot
AFTER the game had started.
That was TOUGH on this girl!
But I survived.
We have now resolved ourselves
to the fact that we aren't going to make it to
every home game
every season
like we did when we were
had really young kids
who weren't playing sports.
But its ok.
(i think)

I took a TON of pictures.

Here are some of the highlights of our

Upward Flag Football and Cheer Season
Fall 2013 

One of the awesomest
(my spell check says that isn't a word - but it is for this)
One of the awesomest things this group did
was to announce each player,
by name,
then they ran through a tunnel of "fans".
Look at the sheer joy on these kids faces!!!

 The coaches even got to run through the fans...
so daddy got to take a turn 
and this big kid always had just as much fun as the little kids did!

Lex was our little cheerleader and
 liked to play and goof around
more than cheer.
We had to have a couple of discussions about that.

This is her pouty faces after we had one of our little 
"you better get up and cheer and listen to your coach 
or I am putting your tail in the car" 

 And some action shots from my football players!

Rico getting "mad"

"yeah, baby, that's how its done!"

Getting a little coaching from dad.

 Jackson makes the best faces when he is playing!!!


 Photobombed by the brother!
(this was one of those days that we left 
directly from the kids games
and headed to Raleigh to see State play - 
can you tell from the looks of the car?)

Not sure if Rico was going for the interception or the tackle here.
But he didn't get either one...
it wasn't from lack of trying though.

Poor Mr. T was left to fend for himself on Saturday 
Mommy was taking pictures.
Daddy was coaching.
The boys were playing.
Ms. Priss was cheering.
So he found ways to entertain himself.
Thankfully we played in a completely fenced in 
area, so I really wasn't worried about him disappearing.

Sometimes he would throw a fit...
just because.

Other times he would use the water cooler 
as a log...

or count the laces on the football,

or eat breakfast,

or play football with one of the other dads,

or stick his head into a cone
and make funny noises.

But for the most part, 
he was happy.

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  1. Your children are so so beautiful and I miss them. And the pictures of Tony had me laughing out loud!! Sweet little 4th child...