Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random October-ness

Beside all the excitement in October
you have already read about,
we stayed busy doing all sorts of stuff.

Cleaning & Organizing & Purging

With a house full of 6 people,
5 of which are home
all day
every day,
our house is very lived in
rarely "tidy".
Certain rooms are in better shape than others.

The schoolroom,
is not one of them.
It can get out of hand REAL QUICK!

How in the world can we work in there? - you ask.
Easy, just step over stuff...
but school always takes priority...
cleaning, not so much.

Til I finally just took a day off from school
and did it!

Whoa!  What a difference a day makes! - you say?
I know!!!

While I was at the cleaning and organizing thing...
I decided to clean and purge our playroom.
A pre-Christmas ritual around our house.

I took on our entertainment center 
turned playroom storage unit.
It houses all of our games.
I really wish I had taken a before picture.
But you will just have to use your imagination.

All of these game and such...

Were 100% in here!

With a 3 yo, 4 yo, 7 yo & 9 yo
in this house...
yes, you can imagine what it looked like.
And it was seriously a hazard to attempt to retrieve
a game out of here.
OSHA would have fined us BIG TIME!

After a quick trip to
the local home improvement store for some 
premade,prepainted shelves.
Then telling my husband what I wanted...
He whipped out his handy dandy drill 
and a handy dandy drill bit adapter thing.
And drilled some holes for me
so I could have adjustable shelves!

Then I put all of the games back.

Now the kids aren't scared to get games out!
(I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!)

 More Football Games

 As per our norm during the fall season,
we trekked to Carter-Finley to 
watch the Wolfpack play.

We noticed this billboard

Our seats are below the "CK" in the word Wolfpack.
So we decided to take a closer look,
just to see if we could find ourselves.

Low and behold,
we see two little boys
perched in their "game day" locations.

No one else knows they are there...
but we do.
And that is all that matters.
My babies are famous!
(sort of)

We got to hang out with Wolfie

for a whole 20 seconds.
But it was the best 20 seconds of that game!!


 Never, ever, ever, 
in my wildest dreams,
did I think that
this girl
would be fluffing 
For anyone!

But there I sat,
fluffing pom-poms

watching my one and only daughter
practices her cheerleading.


Just a few quick pictures of 
finger painting in co-op.

Mr. T had fun, 
but like any 3 yo,
enjoyed the mess
more than the concept.

Ms. Priss,
on the other hand,
at what she came up with.
They just gave the kids colors,
cool colors,
and let them go.

This is what she came up with...
at 4 1/2!

And what is finger painting without getting a little on you.
How, I have no idea.

And off...

Mr. T also got to burn off some energy 
during PE.
He did toe touches and jumping jacks like a champ!

 Health & Wellness

Then the big boys had 
a push-up competition
and Rico is pretty good!

Mr. T had to jump in and give it a shot.
He has great form!!
Got to start them early!

I did not participate in the push-up
I just watched.
when thinking about what we could do to be healthier...
especially after single handedly eating 
my entire birthday cake...
by my self.
I selfishly did not share ONE BITE!
Lucky for me,
Tony's cake was still in the fridge,
so when the kids asked for some of mine,
I kindly and gently steered them to his cake.
It was twice the size of mine, afterall.

I realized that
I did need to find a way to drink more water.
It dawned on me that I hardly drank anything all day.
I had gotten into a rut 
where I nursed a cup of coffee most of the day,
then switched to a single glass of wine at dinner.
And that was it!

I found one of these nifty things.

My step-sister-in-law (?)
Has one and I loved the idea!
I got lucky and found one
on sale at TJ Maxx!
It is a diffuser!

I don't fill it full of fruit or herbs yet.
We are starting inexpensive and slow!
Right now we put one tea bag (whatever we are in the mood for)
and a little bit of fruit.

I had purchased a bunch of lemons,
so we hit the lemon flavored water hard for a while.

Then they started going bad before we could use them all.
So I frozen them...
in ice cubes.
Well, ice.

Now they are frozen and ready to go into our diffuser!

The kids like this water too,
anything to get us drinking more water
and less juice!
It has worked!
For everyone!

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