Monday, January 6, 2014

October Field Trip - Dudley Fire Department

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I am not sure I will ever post on 
"Current Events"...
I feel like I am always behind...
in just about everything!

Back in October 2013,
I can say that now since it 
is 2014!,
we visited 
the Dudley Volunteer Fire Department.
I was honestly not really excited about going.
I swear, once you have seen one fire
you have seen them all.
They are strikingly similar...
imagine that!

We have now had the pleasure of visiting
fire departments in about 4 different cities
and you know what...
they are all pretty much the same.

But rumor had it that we would 
see a real fire
a smoke house!!

Whoo hoo!
We have never seen that before!

So we decided to check it out.

We arrived a little late cause I took a wrong
turn, so my big guys had to stand.

 Mr. T loved his fireman's hat!

Then the fun began!!!
They let the kids shoot the fire hose!

...and put out the house on fire.
(so this is what they were talking about)

Ms. Priss had a go,
and looked like a pro doing it!
No fear here!!!

Mr. T was a wee bit more cautious than the rest 
of his siblings.
He finally decided he would give it a try,
when he saw how all
the other children there
came away unscathed.

Then we got to visit a smoke house.
Well, kinda.
It was more like a smoke camper...
This apparently has made it way 
around the Wayne County area fire departments.
Someone did a major overhaul on the inside
of this thing.
They turned it into a two story "house"
complete with
a first floor living room and kitchen,
and a second floor bedroom and balcony!
For short people...
really short people.

The living room

Filling with a "smoke-like" substance.

The kitchen and stairs

The bedroom and balcony

Then each of the kids got to climb 
over the railing of the balcony
down a ladder to safety.

Mr. T stayed firmly attached to me during this event.

Thankfully this was a little different than 
the rest of the fire station adventures we have had.
Hopefully this is the last fire station
we have to visit for a while though.
Once or twice a year for about 4 years straight
is enough for anybody!!!
But my kids definitely shouldn't be scared of them
IF we ever need them.

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