Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recipe Corner - JacApple Pie Milkshake

The hubs and I enjoy partaking in spirited beverages
every once in a while.
We would probably partake more often if it weren't so expensive
and didn't seem to disappear so quickly!
We don't ALWAYS have liquor in our cabinet.

The hubs went on a "business trip" in October.
While he was gone, 
he made a quick trip to the liquor store
to keep him warm at night since he was sleeping solo
(at least that's my logic).

We have been on the hunt for some FANTASTIC
Canadian Whiskey that someone shared with us
while we were in Texas.
It was in a mini bottle and apparently
our friend acquired it while he was traveling
and we have not located this particular brand
except the internet!

So he has been on the lookout and I guess he thought
that maybe a small town in NC might carry it,
since no one the gigantic city of San Antonio did!!

While he was on the hunt,
he stumbled upon this...

Lemme tell ya...
this is a new favorite!!!
We introduced my sister and brother-in-law to it.
Then apparently we all "got in trouble" for not 
introducing my dad to it!
My sis and her hubby mixed into warmed apple cider
for a Halloween adult beverage.
Haven't tried that one,
but they said it was a HIT!

After the hubs returned home from his trip,
he immediately headed out for a camping trip
with our oldest two and their scout group.

Leaving me at home...
with two preschoolers...
a bottle of apple whiskey
a container of ice cream
homemade super chunky cinnamon applesauce/pie filling/smoothie additive
(made from remainder of the apples we picked while in the mountains in August)
a can of whipped cream...

I had made apple pie smoothies with the
homemade apple stuff.
The healthy kind
with greek yogurt, 
vanilla protein powder

Then it dawned on me...
I can kick this up a notch.
So while the little people were napping
I decided to have a liquid early dinner.
And at 4:30pm 
on a Saturday afternoon,
I whipped up a

JacApple Pie Milkshake


I just happened to have one of these fancy glasses in my cabinet.

I have no idea what the quantities were of 
each ingredient...
I am guessing it was something like this:

1 c vanilla ice cream
1/2 c skim milk
1/4 c apple pie filling
1 shot of Yukon JacApple Whiskey 

Throw all ingredients in your blender.
Adjust to get it to your desired consistency.
(add more whiskey if desired)

Pour into your fancy glass.
Top with whipped cream.
Add a dash of cinnamon 
and a reserved apple piece.

Sit on your couch

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