Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Homeschool - Science - Seed Sorting

No matter which 
curriculum you use,
whether you homeschool
or not.

One of the first topics
covered in science is
the study of plants and seeds.

We have studied them in the past:

We revisited this concept 
again in this year's science:
Abeka 3.
Side Note: I am doing Abeka 3 for Jackson,
because I couldn't find my Abeka 2 science book.
Come to find out, I never bought it.
For second grade for Rico,
I started using Behold and See,
but never finished
(I wasn't too impressed).
So I didn't really do a 
Science curriculum per say with Rico.
Jackson is doing GREAT with the 
third grade book,
he is NOT ready for the 4th grade book next year
(which Rico is doing this year).
So I have ordered a 2nd grade book for Jackson,
it is on its way.
Yes, we are way into our school year,
but its ok.
(don't tell anyone but we are only a few months in...
we still have quite a ways to go!)

one of the activities they list
is to sort various seeds and to examine them.

We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.
So I started saving the seeds!

I was pleasantly surprised with the variety we came up with:

green beans

Jackson had an audience when he sorted.

(Who knew it would be a spectator assignment!?!)

Then I asked Jackson to try and label them.
to try and spell the name!

He did pretty well!!

Then Ms. Priss enjoyed watching so much...
she wanted a go at it!

 Sorting is a very favorite activity around here.
(This includes sorting laundry!)

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