Tuesday, February 11, 2014

November - All About Food! (Part 1)

As my norm here lately...
Here is a posting about November 2013
in February 2014.

November turned out to be 
in this house.  

And not just the end of the month!!

Here is part 1...
of a 3 part series on 
November Food!

Up first - 
what happens when you leave a big ole bowl
of fresh fruit 
within reach of a 3 year old?

Everytime you pass by it...

A certain piece of fruit...

Looks a little different!

And for that - 
I am thankful!

we made cupcakes.
We had to do something 
unhealthy to counteract
all of that fruit 
my youngest was sneaking.

I just happened to stumble across
some Halloween items 
on clearance!!
- a box of funfetti halloween cupcake mix
- a tub of funfetti halloween icing

 So I let them go at this one,
pretty solo...
with minimal supervision!

Jackson was head chef.

Alexis was sous chef.

Then Lex and Tony Cruz did the dishes...

I set them up with a piping bag and tip...
and let them go at it!

Jackson is turning into quite my little chef!!

wait for it...

my husband 
organized our pantry for me!

He was absolutely my 
right then and there!

Here we have the two littles,
eating their spaghetti dinner
while the boys are at cub scouts.
This was one of those nights,
that dad had to work late due to a council meeting,
mom thought she had dinner ready in time
(this happens frequently!)
and the boys literally ate on 2 minute drive to scouts
(then again when we got home)
and the littles got to eat while we waited for the boys.

I kept trying to catch him raising the noodles 
high above his head and lowering them
into his mouth...
but I missed.
A lot.

And, finally,
my little chef is at it again.
I set him up with lunch duty...
he made everyone
ham and cheese crescent rolls!

The kids loved them!
They are super easy
and super yummy!

I love having a kid that loves to cook!!

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