Thursday, February 13, 2014

November - All About Food (Giving Back #2)

Our second opportunity to give back,
in the month of November,
was via the USO at our 
local Air Force Base.

USO Turkeys!!

Bare with me on this one...
the hubs received an email from someone
else from within the city
regarding a need at the USO for 
food for Thanksgiving.
Apparently there are quite a few 
airmen on base that
are in need.

And the holidays are especially hard
(as you all know).

So I JUMPED at this!!
The USO had provided a wish list,
I immediately called the contact
on the email and started asking questions!!

They had received an overwhelming amount of support
from the community but still 
had a need for 
12 turkeys and 
15+ boxes of instant mashed potatoes.

So I put the word out to our local 
homeschool group
and also received an overwhelming response!
Especially when I told them
that Harris Teeter
(my favorite grocery store in the country!!)
was running a special on turkeys
and would allow me to purchase
as many as we needed
at their sale price,
which came out to be about $5/turkey!

I waltzed into Harris Teeter with 
our money...
and due to a "computer glitch"
walked out of HT
14 turkeys
20 boxes of instant potatoes
for $75!!!

Then we rode right on over to 
the News-Argus,
a prearranged drop off location,
and met up with the USO volunteers who
organized the food drive...
popped open the back of the beast
and delivered all of this!

Thanks completely to my fellow homeschoolers!!

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