Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Food - Upside Down Pecan Pie

Item #2 on the Thanksgiving cooking list:

A what?
So I asked the sweet man I am married to,
what did he want for Thanksgiving. 
I do that every year just to make sure
he gets what he wants too...
otherwise I would make all of my favorites
and he would just have to eat what I served.

He was happy with his Butter Pecan cake,
but that was 
"for his birthday,
not for Thanksgiving".

He then proceeded to tell me about
this "thing" 
that someone had at work 
last year for their Thanksgiving potluck
that looked like and upside down pecan pie.

He said it was a crust with the pecans
and sauce just oozing all over the place.
They had flipped it out of a pan
onto a dish and it just oozed.

So on to google I went.
Then went to the images,
pointed them out to him
and said
"which one?"

This is the image he pointed to...

Upside-Down Pecan Pie 

Ok, I can do that!
But I needed a cast iron skillet,
which I have wanted forever!
But have never been able to justify.
So I got one!
Whoo hoo!

 It seemed easy enough...
Melt butter in my new cast iron skillet

Add sugars.

Add pecans.

Let sit for 30 min.
Cover with prepared pie crust.
(yep, this was totally store bought!)


This was what it looked like when I took it out.
Kinda neat looking!

it didn't turn out like the picture above that
Ms. Martha Stewart

I left it in this pan,
then took it to my parents.
I threw it in the oven to heat it up
so that it would
"flip out".

Well I don't know if I cooked 
the pecans and sugar too long
in the beginning,
or what...
but it wouldn't
"flip out".
I had to SCRAPE 
it off of the bottom of the pan!
Then it was just a heaping mess
of pecans,
pie crust,

Which hardened to almost
brittle hard!

It was not very fun to eat
(tasted good!)
but did not get completely eaten.

This was another 

So this was technically 
(out of 2, for those of you keeping count!)

**I CAN cook,
and I CAN cook well...
just sometimes 
things don't work out like they are supposed to!**

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