Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Food - Butter Pecan Cake

Phew - 
so if we hadn't already consumed enough food 
in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving...
here comes more!!

Over the next few posts,
I will be sharing 
the hits and misses
of my
Thanksgiving cooking this year!

Up First:

 A Butter Pecan cake!

My sweet husband shares
his birthday with the 
Thanksgiving weekend,
most years.

This year, I found a cake on Facebook 
that had his name written all over it,
months before his actual birthday!
(which meant I had to hunt it down
when it was actually his birthday!)

A Butter Pecan Cake!!

That is one of his favorite flavors of ice cream.
So I decided that I would make that for him!
I was super excited. 
It sounded YUMMY!!

The absolute BEST part,
hands down,
of baking this cake...

these babies!

These are buttered pecans
being toasted in my oven.
Can you just imagine the smell?
Probably not,
but lemme tell ya,
it was

Makes me want to throw a pan of them 
in my oven

And I am lucky there were enough 
left to actually make the cake with...
I couldn't keep my hands out of them!!

I used the recipe from 
"Taste of Home"

It was easy enough.

Then I had to jazz up the outside a little.

This was the outcome!!!

Isn't it beautiful!?!?
This was definitely one of my prettier cakes.
I was very happy with the final product...
on looks.

The cake was crazy dry though!
It was best eaten with ice cream.
I would like to try it again, 
but with a different cake recipe.

We took it to my folks for
Thanksgiving to celebrate 
with everyone,
but wound up leaving it there in the 
We never got it back...
just an empty container.

So my sweet man informed me
that he deserved another birthday cake
since we had left his.

I wound up making a cheesecake a few weeks later,
that didn't look as pretty as the one above,
but tasted better than I could have hoped.
Just a simple cheesecake...
that got rave reviews from the fam! 

So even though it looked great,
this was actually a 
this year.

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