Friday, February 14, 2014

Sister Love

Before I start my quick 
bazillion part series
on my part of the
Thanksgiving Food
this year...
continuing on the 
November - All About Food theme...

I wanted to share the quick visit I had with my 

My sisters and I are spread 
all across the state of NC now.
(thankfully not the country - for now)

The baby sis, Melanie,
lives in the western part of the state.
So for her birthday this year,
the middle sis (Courtney)
all drove out to spend the weekend with her!!

After I dropped off all those turkeys,
at the USO (see last post), 
I rushed home,
dropped my family off, 
and then
I drove to Raleigh and 
rode west with the middle sis!
That was an adventure in itself.
But it was the first weekend,
I have EVER
spent away from my crew!
The WHOLE crew!
And the first time daddy 
flew SOLO
for a whole weekend!

We had a fun dinner the first night.
We went to a sweet little restaurant,
an old house turned into a restaurant.
We were shown to a small room
with a few tables.
There was a couple attempting to enjoy a quiet dinner
seated near us.
we tend to get a little loud
a lot
when the 4 of us are together...
ask my dad.
He endured many a dinner
to the non-stop 

We had a very light dinner,
then headed to a little get together
that Melanie's friends were
having for her.
I couldn't show up at the party,
so I searched the birthday girl's 
Pinterest boards
for things she had pinned
and came upon
something called
so I whipped up a batch
to take with me!

I love the colors!
I cut it up into tiny little pieces,
and it was surprisingly 
I did not add the icing the recipe had
as an option.
I figured it would be sweet enough!

After the get together,
we headed to my baby sister's house
for the night.
We stayed up and chatted for ever it seemed.
Then crawled into our beds.

I shared a bed with the birthday girl,
and was told that I was the best sleeping partner ever!
(That means a lot coming from her - trust me!)

Up and at 'em the next morning,
mom headed to see our Grandmother for a quick
visit and left the girls to go shopping!

But first we hit a cute little coffee shop!
Complete with little designs in the coffee foam
delicious pastries!
I won't mention that we had JUST eaten 
breakfast at Melanie's...

Then a quick picture 
of the sisters.
(We all got a kick out of our photo-bomber in the back)

After we were all hopped up on coffee...
we started shopping!

I don't typically go shopping.
I hardly ever go shopping,
clothes shopping,
for myself.

For various reasons, 
but mainly

I just happened to have 
my two fashionista
sisters with me.

And they happily helped me spend money!
I warned my husband,
and justified it as a belated birthday present.
(works for me)

We hit a couple of stores,
then the mall.

While we were walking around the mall,
we just happened to notice that 
The Limited
was having a 50% off the entire store
sale that morning!

So in we went.
Let me say it has been a LONG time
since I have shopped anywhere
like The Limited.
I have been out of the workforce
for almost 9 years.
Having and raising kids.
Living in blue jeans
and t-shirts!
(except on Sundays, of course)

After we were greeted at The Limited,
my selections were taken,
they started a fitting room for me,
put my name on the door,
then I walked in a saw this!
This was totally picture-worthy!
I had to show my husband!
A smile immediately spread across
my face when I saw how they had
the clothes displayed!
so this is what its like to 
go shopping!?!?

After our shopping extravaganza
the middle sister and I headed back 

It was a wonderful,
girls weekend
my mom 
which we are definitely
going to have to do

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