Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Food - Chex Mix & Kooking Kids!

Item #4 on the EPIC
Thanksgiving cooking list 
is really not worthy of its own posting...
Chex Mix?

It is not about the Chex Mix,
it is more about the sweet baby boy,
the Chex Mix...
(sort of)

Mom makes huge batch of 

Then she puts it on the counter
as she continues her

Only to turn around and find
her 3 year old
pushing the cooler holding the 
brining turkey (see last post)
around the kitchen.
He effortlessly maneuvers it
to right infront of the Chex Mix.
(and pumpkin pies - take note of those
these are the ONLY pictures I have
and they will be featured in the next post)

Back to the kid pushing the turkey in the cooler
around the kitchen...

Said freaking cute 
3 year old
hops up on the brining turkey
filled cooler
and starts to 
help his little self to the 
Chex Mix!

I quickly discovered that he was 
sitting there 
through the Chex Mix
and pulling out 
the pretzels!



(Chex Mix - HIT (the pretzels anyways))

(Talley:  2-HITS, 2-MISSES)

While Mommy was cooking away in the kitchen,
my little people wanted to help SOOOOO bad,
but I was kinda in a groove
politely (maybe not quite so politely)
declined their offer/request
of help.

Then it dawned on me!
There was an
Easy Bake Oven 
sitting UNOPENED
in our garage!
(gotten by Ms. Priss 11 months ago - sigh)

So again,
Jackson was head chef
and thankfully he can read!
So I let him at it!

The littles were his sous chefs again.

They seriously needed 
help from mommy!

This was cute and I was super happy that
they were cooking too,
and not "helping" me.

these are the smallest,
most pitiful excuses 
for baked goods I have ever seen!
I was quite disappointed in the portion

There was quite a bit of effort for
literally a NIBBLE
of a "cupcake".

But they had fun.

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