Sunday, February 16, 2014

November - All About Food (Giving Back #3)

After my quick 
sister visit...
we had 
our third opportunity,
in the month of November, 
to give back...
food style!!

Back in October,
the gentleman that turned us on to MoW (see Giving Back #1)
mentioned an opportunity at his church
(which is also where we do scouts
and play most of our Upward sports)

They were hosting a meal packaging event
This organization packages meals typically for 
people in other countries.
All you have to do...
is add water!

I was eager to help as soon as I heard about it.
Surely my crew could do SOMETHING, right?

I set up the littles in the nursery
(which we were all to familiar with),
right down the hall
(and checked on them FREQUENTLY).
Then the boys and I jumped right on in!

There was a lot to be done,
and the organizers had the system down!

My guys were two of the only children there.
I am pretty sure there were a couple of others,
but I honestly can't remember!

We all had to wear these fancy hairnets.

Rico did NOT want his picture taken
with it on,
but I reminded him that it was for a good cause,
and showed that he was working!

Jackson had a BALL!
He loved feeling needed!
He was a runner,
and as the groups filled up their bins,
he would go and take them to the next station.
He was helping atleast 3 different groups, 
sometimes more,
so they would holler his name
when they needed him.
He got the biggest kick out of that.
Made me proud!

We helped package over 11,000 meals that day!

We have really enjoyed doing things like this.
I am eager to find more.

(we did do one more thing similar (through the Salvation Army) 
in December,
if I find pictures - not sure I took any - 
I will post about it later)

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