Thursday, January 22, 2015

June 2014 - All the Rest

So daddy went back to work for 2 days...
then took off to go camping with the boys at a scout camp.

They forgot something,
so I had to bring it to them.
They look like they are ready to have fun!

Later in the month we hosted our priest for dinner.
This priest, 
also happened to be a fraternity brother of my husband's!
We were BLOWN away when we found out.
It was so neat to have him over.
I only wish we would have done it sooner
more often,
he has been moved to a different, larger parish now.

(I am not quite sure what he is telling them about,
but it has to be boy stuff, 
because they are all quite interested!!)

We had Rico take a picture of us with my phone...

Then I took this one.
We miss Father Pat.

We spent lots of time at the pool...

(And Jackson's bud came back to hang with us)

Passed out littles 
and two funny guys!

Where is Rico?  Do you ask?

Well Rico had an amazing,
once in a lifetime opportunity over the summer.
He got to participate in a camp that was hosted
at our local Air Force Base.

The kids spent the first half of the day in the classroom,
learning the basics of flight,
then in the afternoons,
they got to go on base
and participate in some amazing experiences.

(So we gave his seat in the car away while he was gone one day.)

After we kept Jackson's bud for a day, 
he went and hung out over as his friend's house for the day.

(yes, this is how they spent the day together...dressed like this,
see, it is possible for State fans and Carolina fans to be friends!)

After we dropped Rico off for his Air Force experience,
and Jackson off for his friend experience...
the littles and I headed deeper into the country for a birthday party.

So far into the country,
that we wound up behind one of these FOR.EVER!

We went to a Frozen themed party.
It was so cute!!!

It was an adorable party!

And wore my littles out!

The last day of the Air Force experience,
we got to see:

 the kids shoot off the rockets they had built,

pictures from the parachute simulator,

accept his completion certificate,

While we were sitting waiting,
daddy taught Tony Cruz how to play 
rock, paper, scissors.

He caught on pretty quickly!

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