Friday, January 23, 2015

June Beach Trip!!

We have taken the camper
to the mountains
to the lake
to the inland part of a beach.
But never

So as usual,
we pulled the camper into the driveway the week before we left.
Gave it a good wipe down
and started loading

Daddy usually has a little work to do on it.
Mr. T helped him this time,
complete with his hard hat!

We loaded up and headed down as soon as we picked up Rico from his Air Force camp.
We were all so excited!!
I was GIDDY!

Especially because my bestie and her crew were joining us!
She had a friend who has a camper and they brought it down to join us at the beach!!

The littles were so thankful for a new victim.

Right outside of this beautiful campground was this beautiful building...
Its rather hard to read, 
but it says:
Wine Market!

It was super cute and I was good and never went and bought wine!
They had tastings too, but I somehow managed to miss those.

 Naturally, we spent plenty of time on the beach,
Mr. T tries SOOOOO hard to hang with the big kids,
SOOOO hard.

Mommy and Lex made matching sand butterflies.

Downtime in the camper...
watching a movie.

And falling asleep...

Since we had friends with us,
we rearranged sleeping quarters..
the littles got to sleep on the table.

We took 2 cars out, because daddy had to come home for a day or so during our stay.  Mommy and the littles rode in the truck, while daddy and the big boys rode in the suburban while towing the camper.

The littles were PASSED out
and it is pretty short drive home.

We did decide to come on home a day early,
there was a hurricane forecasted to come pretty close to where we were staying.
The wind was starting to whip up pretty good and we were on the top of a little hill
with very little wind break,
so our little camper was swaying a little more than we were comfortable with in said wind...
so we all voted to come home a little early.
We left at about 6pm the night before we were schedule to leave at 11am,
so not a major blow (har har) to our vacation.

We have been to a couple of campgrounds at this point,
this is the only beach location we have been to
and it was beautiful!
We loved it!

It was the Holiday Trav-L-Park in Emerald Isle, NC.

I wish I would have taken more pictures.
We had such a good time!
They are VERY family friendly.
They had beautiful green grass!
Decent sized spots.
Nice clean bathrooms.
Nice laundry facilities.
It was quiet!!

They had a movie night (or two),
complete with drinks and popcorn for purchase for a small fee.

A DJ came in and pumped music onto the beach on Saturday.
And it was GOOD music!
Including real "beach music" (that I grew up listening to!!)

We are definitely ready to go back this coming summer!!

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