Sunday, January 18, 2015

June 2014 - Week 2: The Norm

After we got home from going:
over the woods
and through the woods...
to grandmother's house...
My guys had apparently not spent enough time 
sleeping on top of each other,
so 3 of the 4 piled into Rico's bed to sleep...
along with all of their pillows and
my daughter's menagerie of stuffed toys!

I am so thankful and always will be,
that my kids like each other
and like spending time with each other.
I pray that this lasts forever.
I pray that they will always be friends
always like spending time together!

As I have mentioned before, 
the kids and I have been delivering Meals on Wheels
for a little while.
Some of the individuals we deliver to really enjoyed seeing my crew
when we deliver.

Rico went into a house and put the tray full of 2 meals
down on the counter.
He saw that a light on top of the oven,
and decided to check the cooking top to see if it was hot.
Unfortunately, it was...
he put his whole hand straight down on the eye.

Poor guy came running to me with terror in his eyes,
but not saying anything.
Then tears started welling up...
I asked what happened and he told me.
We asked for some ice
and the poor older lady in the house
I calmed Rico down and sent him to the car.
Then had to calm her down.
She was so upset that he had hurt himself
in her house...
I hugged her and assured her that he would be just fine.
But she was so upset,
I hugged her and had to calm her down too.

We had 1 more meal to deliver,
delivered it,
got a bag of ice from that last house,
then headed back to the Meals on Wheels office.

I asked our team leader to call the family
and tell the lady, again, that Rico was going to be ok.

We went on our way,
Rico has swimming lessons that afternoon,
but had to sit out.

(the next month when we went back to deliver meals, we made sure the sweet older lady saw that Rico was as good as new!)

The next day we had planned to visit a small local waterpark
with our homeschool group.

We happened to also meet a few friends from our scout group, 
including Jackson's best bud!

He hung out with us instead of heading out with his family
when they were ready to leave...
I attempted to get a picture of these two nuts on the lazy river...

Then I gave up...

I did try again later, and this is as close as I got to having them
at me!

They had a ball.
(Yes, the littles were with us too)

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