Wednesday, January 14, 2015

June 2014 - Week 1 (Part 1): The Calm

Ok, so now I am 6 months behind and starting a new year on the calendar...while I am still attempting to update this blog (which has more turned into a family yearbook more than anything else at this point).  Our June started off with a trip to Raleigh to take the hubs to the airport.  Daddy  (the perpetual student) was heading to Lubbock to work on his Ph.D.  While we were in Raleigh, we spent some time with my bestie.  Her youngest is the same age as my boys.  So he took them out exploring their neighborhood and the creek that runs through it.  They came home with some friends...of the aquatic/marine nature.

This is how we got to see daddy for 2 weeks...
Thank goodness for Skype!!

While he was gone, 
his spot, in bed, 
was kept warm and occupied on occasion
by this little cutie.
(and sometimes his sister, too)

I definitely enjoyed having this little snuggle bug join me in the mornings.

And I love these curls too!! Look at that hair!!

To keep ourselves busy:

We made candy covered cake balls,
with leftover caketops I found in the freezer,
and icing
and candy melts.

And sprinkles, of course!!

We had friends over for playtime and lunch!

Then went to swim lessons at the local Y,
but it looks like the kids could have gone swimming 
in the puddles in the parking lot!!!

it was a pretty uneventful first week of daddy being away!

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