Sunday, December 14, 2014

May 2014 - Randomness

We were able to squeeze in a few more 
photo worthy
into May.
Believe it or not...

Apparently - 
this is how you watch TV.

This is the cutest

I am guessing he didn't get a long enough nap,
because this is how he passed out...

before bedtime.

We continued to work on our garden.
Here are the seedlings.
I am still quite nervous to put them outside. 
Because that is when the challenge starts!

We finally got them outside and planted!

And they didn't do too great.
They didn't have enough "food".
We eventually fixed that, 
but it really hurt the timeline and growth.

The littles found interesting ways to 
entertain themselves while the boys 
took their pre-swim team class.

We had a birthday breakfast at Krispy Kreme
for Rico-man!
He turned 10!!
for him earlier in the month.
Then he decided that he would rather go to the beach
than have a party.
(more about that later)

We took the day off of school
just enjoyed being together!

Then later in the month,
we made time for a quick trip to Raleigh to join
my sister and her friend at
one of our favorite parks up there:
Pullen Park!

I will leave you with two pictures.

This one I stumbled upon in our storage area.

No words will do - 
I love this man 
am so proud of him and who he is!

 And why not finish off
with one more crazy sleeping shot of
Tony Cruz.
He tries so hard to keep up with his older siblings
that he literally wears himself out!

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