Thursday, December 4, 2014

April and May Boys' Bedroom Shuffle!

When we first moved into this house,
Jackson (child #2, then 7)
decided he wanted to share a room with
the youngest child (#4, then 2 1/2).

the two of them got the largest room 
with 2 closets.

Our oldest, Rico, got the room closest to ours.
And our only daughter,
wound up with the room with the biggest closet
(imagine that!?!?).

the youngest child,
Tony Cruz,
likes to chatter himself to sleep.
This got quite old to Jackson.

So in April of this year 
(yes, 8 months ago)
he asked to move to the finished third floor.
We obliged.

(This is what it looked like right after the move upstairs.)

Tony was still sleeping in his crib,
which was turned into a day bed.

So everything else stayed the same.

Rico was ready for a "big boy" bed,
since he has been sleeping in the same 
completely wooden railed twin bed 
(his half of a bunk set)
since he was 2!

We started looking for him,
since he was about to turn 10.

Never found anything that I thought was a good fit,
that I was willing to pay for.

My littlest sister was selling her mattress set,
so we purchased her practically brand new set,
for the master bed.
And this allowed us to give our set
to Rico!

I did not want Tony Cruz on the complete other side of the house
by himself.

the fun began.

(mid-process of de-babying the youngest room)

Tony even chipped in
attempted to help me take the crib apart.
in his underwear,
which I *think* was actually inside out too!

He is working HARD trying to figure all these tools out!!

After daddy switched the mattresses
in the master,
he took a break.
(these must have sat in our closet for a week before
we actually put them on our bed).

Rico moved into the room that Tony & Jackson 
used to share.

And since I haven't found a bedroom set,
nor bed,
that I like,
his mattress and box springs are sitting on the floor,
and he is still using some hand-me-down
upcycled furniture that we got from my bestie,
whose brother's used it...
20+ years ago!

He was already snug in his new bed...
and had explicit instructions
that he was not to leave his room
the following morning
until that pile o stuff
was rectified!

And Tony Cruz
took over Rico's old room 

Eventually he got a new set of monster truck sheets.
But bless his heart,
mommy still hasn't taken Rico's name off the wall!
That is maybe,
something that will be done
sooner than later.

The next day,
we were still cleaning and organizing
Jackson comes to me and informs me that
Tony Cruz had knocked his tooth out!

They were wrestling
and Tony Cruz hit him just right,
and out came his, already quite loose, tooth.

So just for fun, 
I had them pose:

 (Love Tony's face here!!)

8 months later,
these rooms still look pretty much the same.
They have a few more items in them
and are a little neater (at times).

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