Friday, December 5, 2014

May 2014: Jackson's First Communion

If you go back a little,
you can see that we have had quite a busy May.
(What's new, right?)

Along with all the other fun,
we were blessed to be able to celebrate
our second child's
First Holy Communion 
in the Catholic Church!

What a beautiful experience.

And graciously,
some friends sat with us in the front row
and took these beautiful pictures 
of this wonderful event.

(He was NOT impressed with the wine.  Haha!)

The beautiful family joining us,
is the two biggest boys' godparent's
and their children.
The sweetie girl on the right, 
is also our goddaughter.
(we went to her First Holy Communion the following week) 
(there are a couple of hams in this picture!)

Our friend, Father Pat.
Who we have a crazy connection to!

My life...
My heart...
My joy...
My Purpose!

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