Thursday, December 11, 2014

May 2014: Road Trip #3

We love love love our camper.
We put it up in January 
and were eager to get it back out again.
We had a few things to do to it before
we started using it for the season.
The typical pre-season clean up
(even though we clean it before we put it up,
and it stays sealed,
it still needs a good once over)

I also wanted the shower door replaced.
The old door was an accordion type door.
That was just not good!
In any way!

So the hubs replaced it for me.
(Because he only uses this shower 
when there is not a decent bath house nearby
and that is probably because the shower is not meant
for tall, broad shouldered guys!)

 I am not 100% sure what this picture is for,
but you can see the door track on the left.  
I think we needed a new shower head and hose too.

Hubby removed the old door and frame,
and installed this awesome foldout/foldin
shower curtain rod.

It folds in for storage and transport
and out to give you (well me) TONS of elbow room.

See how "well" he fits in this shower.

My crew loves this camper so much,
that they come and just hang out in it
once it hits the driveway and gets set up!

Rico hadn't completed his school work on this day,
and chose to complete it in his bed in the camper,
while daddy and I worked.

Jackson and the littles watched a movie.
(if you look in the back ground,
you can see the old shower door to the left of the TV)

The finished product!

Thank you daddy!!

I found this gem on my phone with the rest of these camper pictures,
I don't remember taking it,
but it is a really cute one of us!

We headed out and
 tried out a new spot, close to home.
But it was not my favorite.
It was way too crowded and
meant mainly for seasonal or permanent folks.
The spots for campers were too close together,
the man made beach on the lake
was covered in pinecones so my poor guys kept stepping on them
going to and from the water,
their was, apparently, no "curfew" or quiet time,
there was also no age minimum on individuals who could 
drive golf carts unsupervised and we witnessed 
two groups of children hit each other in their carts
(and I can't help to think it could have been a child on a bike or a walker!)
and plenty of reckless driving by children.
We still had a good time,
but we won't be running back there anytime soon.

And really didn't get any pictures worth sharing.

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