Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Recipe Corner: Mound Cake

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If you will recall, 
last year,
my oldest just wanted a 
 Skittles Cake,

Simple cakes are
in my vocabulary!

So I made this
(which by the way is, BY FAR,
my most popular post with 
10,824 views at last look!!!! 

So this year,
he the instructions I was given were
"coconut and chocolate".

So I started Googling!

And came across something called a
over at

I was so excited!!!

I followed the directions pretty spot on.

I only took a few pictures,
but lemme tellya,
this stuff,
right here,
 in the picture below,

Cream of Coconut!

And you see this 1/3 c measuring cup right here?

lick marks in the bottom of that thing!
No Shame here!
I totally LICKED the thing CLEAN!
(after dumping it in the mixer, of course!)

 Just in case you needed another look!
And it make a KILLER
addition to ANY
cup of coffee!
I did resist eating the rest of the can
with that spoon sticking out of it.
Barely though!

 In this process,
I also discovered the amazingness of fluffier buttercream!
I had been a Wilton girl for a while,
mainly because I was too scared to play with my icing.

This buttercream turned out so amazingly smooth and fluffy!

I haven't gone back to "regular" buttercream since!

The cream of coconut and heavy whipping cream are added to the butter
and whipped.


(this is just the start of the frosting!)

 The center of the cake was simple,
flaked coconut combined with sweetened condensed milk.

I did not cut any of these cakes down,
usually I will level them,
I chose not to since there was such a thick layer of coconut
in the middle,
I figured it would all even out.

Frosted it with my new favorite frosting!

Made my ganache!

I attempted to speed up the process a bit,
and threw it in the fridge to solidify a bit.
I kept checking it and it went from not quite ready
to too thick!
So it didn't "flow" over the top as I had wished.
I had to help it...

But it still turned out GREAT!!!

And my mom & sisters told me it looked like what we get at 
our long time favorite bakery...
what a compliment!!!

And it tasted YUMMY too!!

So its official,
my oldest has outgrown shaped and designed cakes
and has graduated to
specific flavors!

I wonder what he will challenge me with next year!

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