Sunday, October 5, 2014

Throwback!! A New Playground

My folks have 
lived in the same house for almost 20 years.
In that time, they have had most of the same neighbors.

Last year, shortly after we had move back to NC,
One of their neighbors offered us their wooden playset!
They were officially getting out
of their "little kid" stage
and they 

We HAPPILY accepted.
We just had to figure out how to get 
it back to the house...
over an hour away!

We finally found a uHaul trailer
that was big enough'
(so we thought)
backed it into their yard
and did our BEST to load that thing up.

It was rather humorous watching 
us all try to figure out the best
and most secure
way to load that thing!
It was in 50 pieces...
but the main structure
was still put together.
Whoa baby!

Yes, we had it secured with ratcheting tie-downs...
but it was still a little haphazard looking.

Daddy worked diligently to get it put together.

While he did,
the littles got right at that slide!

And this is what they looked like when they were done!

(loved this shot - mid flip flop fling)

Then I asked him to show me his dirty feet!

The reason you are finally seeing these pictures
and not a year ago when they were taken...
is because I wanted to 
get a picture of the play equipment
after it was finally all put together.

It took a week or so to get it mostly put together,
because we had to get some additional bolts.

I say mostly,
because the "roof" never got put on.
The hubs didn't want it on there,
I did.
Since he was doing it,
and not me,
it never got put on.
before Jackson's birthday party,
I kindly insisted that the roof 
needed to be put on.

So it finally got put on.

But I never got an 
"official" picture.

Then while we were out working on our garden,
I decided that the perfect 
way to say Thank You
to the family that gave it to us,
was to send them a picture of my guys playing on it!
So I did!

We turned this picture into a 
photo thank you card
for the family that blessed us with this 
amazing gift!

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