Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monster Jam April 2014

After our goat farm field trip,
we high tailed it to Raleigh for a quick cookout
with my bestie and her family,
then on to one of our favorite events...
Monster Jam!!

We went last year in San Antonio, 
with just the big boys.
I am quite certain I liked it as much as they did!

So we decided we would take the whole crew this year.

And my bestie and her boys went with us!

Kind of a funny picture of her youngest,
but I couldn't cut him out of it...
just couldn't do it!

Then we asked someone to take a picture of us,
he got my crew,
but cut off the heads of my bestie and her crew behind us.

My sweet boy #2!

Ms. Priss was getting into it...

Once she saw the PINK 
Monster Truck come out!!

Mr. T was enjoying himself too!

And yes, this is about how I felt during some parts as well!

earplugs are a must 
at these things?

And my bestie,
being the awesome 
"auntie" she is
bought cotton candy for everyone!

And Ms. Priss decided to flirt with the 
much older boy behind her for quite a bit of show.

So after seeing both the show in Raleigh 
and the one in San Antonio...
no comparison!

The one in San Antonio was 
So I was a little disappointed.
And even more so 
because I talked it up big time to my bestie.

We had a great time,
don't get me wrong...
but the San Antonio show was 

much better!

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