Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Rest of the Story....of April 2014

When we weren't 

This is what happened around here...

 Tony Cruz passed out wherever he landed...

Allergies also hit this crew pretty hard,
here are some eyes to prove it!
Poor guy!! 

 Rico won some brownie points with his spelling sentences...
see #7,
at least he knows it...even if he doesn't act like it!

boiled peanuts that 
Papa brought us.
Well the kids...
momma is the #1 fan,
but I barely got any!

This is all my 4 little vultures left!!

We hosted friends for a 
wine tasting evening.
We hoped it would turn into a 
Wine Club of sorts,
but life just got too busy!
So I have had to enjoy my wine,
by myself.

(There were 6 adults, there were 5 bottles of wine,
and 2 of us did MOST of the drinking, yes I said "us"
and not "them"!!)

Here are 3/4 of the kids,
the two littlest ones must have been on the porch
with the adults when I took this...

The kids had ice cream cones for dessert.
Here is how Mr. T gets




ice cream




the cone!

But he enjoyed

every single


as you can expect...
he quickly
passed out!

(yes he still has ice cream on his face,
no I did not take the time to wipe his face when I took the picture,
remember the part about about 2 people drinking most of the wine?)

 Lex helped daddy drive the mower with 
its dead battery,
to the front to jump it off,

Then helped him
cut the grass.

 Tony Cruz and I got to have a library date!!

While the older 3 went to
another jump rope camp!!

And we spent a few more dinners
on the screened porch,
our favorite place to eat "out".

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