Sunday, October 12, 2014

Water Safety Awareness Class

One of the mom's from our homeschool group
put together a
"Water Awareness Class"
at our local YMCA.

I signed up,
said I was interested in my big boys taking it...
then when the time came,
wondered if it was really worth my time
(and theirs - the boys).
We had too much to do,
we were quite behind in our school year
(after taking the entire month of December off).
And it was at 1:30!
We are still usually doing school work at 1:30p.
We usually don't finish until about 3pm
because my kids don't stay on task!

I knew it was going to hinder our school week.
So I really didn't want to go.

At the last minute,
we decided to go.

I am soooooooo
glad we did!

The big boys had a BALL
learned a lot!!!

 I let the little swim a little too.

I can't remember what prompted this picture,
but he was proving to me that he had
his bathing suit on the right way
by showing me the tag was in the back...

I love everything about this one.
His hair
that booty!

The class started with a little chat,
and then a swim test.

I knew Jackson wasn't a strong swimmer,
he was hesitant to teach himself
and try...
and no matter how hard the hubs and I tried,
he was just too scared to drown.
So we realized he probably needed
someone else to teach him.

He got semi-private lessons!
I was stoked!!

My sweet friend offered 
to swim with the littles during the class.
I let her.

Here the boys are learning how to use
"the hook"
as a rescue device.

The second day my sweet friend decided that if I wasn't 
going in with my kids...
she wasn't either.
She would rather be out chatting with me!

Thank goodness for awesome life jackets!

Apparently they make good 
hats too!

Another exercise they did,
was feeling what ice cold water felt like.
I am not 100% sure,
but I think it was just to kinda
desensitize them from it
(as much as you can in about 2 minutes)

They stuck their arms in the bucket
of ice cold water!

Best face in the world!

Nope, THIS is the best face!

Or is it this one?

Then, since they survived the arm thing...
they got it dumped on their heads
down their backs...

Then MOM got to dump cold water on them!!!

This class led to the boys taking the 
"pre-swim team" class.
They did great and are ready to start swim team...
as soon as football season is over...
if we don't do basketball.

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