Monday, October 6, 2014

Easter 2014

Here is a snip-it of how we spent our
this year.
(yes, Easter, but with any luck,
we will be through May and
maybe June by the end of October,

The week before Easter,
we celebrated Easter at our
homeschool co-op
with an Easter Egg Hunt!

We have quite a few kids 
and a rather large age range.
So we had each CHILD
bring in 12 stuffed eggs.
Then we just threw the eggs out in the field,
and let them at them,
in smaller age groups.
Each child was only allowed
to collect 12!
So they came with 12
left with 12.
But the fun was seeing what was in the 
12 you left with!

Here is Rico and a few of his friends
sorting through their eggs and trading!

We woke up to treats from the Easter Bunny.

And a quick indoor egg hunt,
thanks to the Easter Bunny.

(yes, Rico is climbing the built ins!)

Ms. Priss dressed in her Easter best!
(including pink cowgirl boots!)

Then Nana & Papa joined us for Easter Dinner!
Nana made these CUTE
bunny cupcakes!!!
They looked something like 

They were cute and yummy!!
the best part of the day!

Easter Candy 

We used
jelly beans,
sweet tart chicks, and eggs
and other small candies 
that the Easter Bunny had brought 
for our Bingo markers!

Tony Cruz had a hard time winning,
because he kept eating his markers!!

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