Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recipe Corner: Paula Deen's Sour Cream Pound Cake

My mom
my oldest have birthdays
3 days apart.
My mom, May 10th
My oldest, May 13th.

The previous post was the 
Mounds Cake 
I made for my oldest.

I asked my mom what kind of cake she wanted...
she went simple.
I don't like simple!
Challenge me people!!

She was happy with
 a store bought pound cake,
whipped cream.
A Strawberry Shortcake
I tried to talk her out of it!
Told her 
"You had that last year!"
to which she responded
(without skipping a beat)
"How many years in a row have you had the
EXACT SAME cake??"
To which I just quietly and defeatedly said
"Touche, mom, touche"

Then at dinner that night I told my husband the same story.
Before I could get my mom's response out of my mouth,
my husband was staring across the table at me with his mouth open
in amazement,
getting ready to defend my sweet mother,
then he heard her response to me and just laughed!

what mama wants,
mama gets!

But I was NOT buying her a pound cake!

And I had never made a pound cake before,
so I was QUITE excited and nervous!

I searched for a bit and settled on 
(mainly because I had bought a GIANT vat of sour cream
from Sam's a few weeks prior and it needed to be used!)

As with the Mounds Cake,
I followed directions.
I had to since I was a first timer!

This, the creamed butter and sugar,
is a thing of absolute beauty itself!
And scrumptious, too!

Alternated in the rest of the ingredients,

And then held my breath as I poured it into the bundt pan,
I was scared it wasn't going to fit!
And I might or might not have licked the bowl 
and spoon
of this too!

I was even more nervous watching it bake!

Good gracious that thing puffed up!
And the top was so amazingly crusty and sweet and amazing!
This cake DID NOT make it to my mom's with all of its pieces!
It remained uncut,
but not unscathed.

This is how it traveled 
this is the ONLY picture we got
of it dumped out of is pan
along with the other cake
the birthday people
(plus one).

I *will* be making this one again!
I have no idea when...
but it WILL happen!

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