Friday, October 10, 2014

Recipe Corner: Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins!!

(This is another Throwback Post!,
I started this one probably 2 years ago,
not sure why I never hit the "Publish" button)

I have been making these for the past few years.
I love them,
my kids love them,
my husband loves them,
my mom loves them,
They are a HIT in this family!

I have NO idea where I got the original recipe,
I would love to credit the original poster...
but I have no clue where I got it from.

I used to only make this in the fall.
Then it became a year round staple.
And I have even made it with 
pumpkin before!
We used mini pie pumpkins...
even broke the tip off of my 
Calphalon chefs knife
trying to cut open one that 
had been shellacked!
(if that's even a real word or spelled correctly!)

I digress.

Back to the pumpkin muffins!

 The players:

The beloved recipe card:

combine all wet ingredients, 
sugar & pumpkin pie spice
into large mixing bowl:

tip for getting the pumpkin
out of the can easier...
open both end of the can
remove one end
then push the other end through 
with all the pumpkin...
right into your bowl
then scrape the residual pumpkin out with a spoon!

In a half cup measuring cup,
put in about 1/4 c of applesauce
and then fill the rest of the way with oil.
You get the moisture from the oil
and cut out a bit of the fat & calories
using the applesauce!

Then combine 
until it is a homogeneous mixture
(my science teachers would be so proud!)

In a seprate smaller bowl,
combine flours, salt, baking soda & powder.

Fold into the wet mixture.

We use mini muffin tins for ours,
easier for little hand and mouths!


I wish I had matching pans at least!


But as you can see,
I didn't even get them in the bowl before
the little people swooped in
and started scooping them up!
she is starting with 5!!!

The recipe:

I have tweaked the original recipe a bit,
the one you saw on the card,
mainly adding another 1/2 of ingredients
to not quite double,
but make more for each batch.

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