Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homeschool Corner: Goat Farm Field Trip

We live in a small town
only about 35,000 people
and it is a FAR cry from 
the 18 months we spent in San Antonio!

We don't have as many opportunities as we 
did in San Antonio,
but we still have some neat field trips 

This past April
(yep, finally made it to April!)
were given a chance to 
visit a working goat farm.

hosted our homeschool group
for a field trip!

It was a short 30 minute drive from our house.

We pulled up,
climbed out...
and were greeted by this guy!

Since our group was so large we were split up.

Our group got to go to the 
Milking Parlour

The goats were brought in,
all at the same time.

This gives the 
milk maids
an opportunity to check on each goat.
They keep a very close eye on the health of their goats here.

A couple of the goats got quite curious and stopped eating
to peek at us and see what was going on!

This process doesn't take long.
After they finished eating,
they were ushered out.
The group on the left had to pass by us
(as we watched through an open door).
They were quite apprehensive,
and really didn't want to go!

After a little bit of encouraging,

They finally RAN past us.

The kids got a huge kick out of that part!

After the milking parlour,
we went to the cheese making building.

After visiting the two buildings,
our tour was moved to the outside areas.

These guys were either waiting to eat,
or had just been fed.

I can't remember now which group this was.
But they were QUITE curious!!

Ms. Priss even got to pet one of the smaller ones.

Quick family photo op!

We walked over to the maternity ward.
These ladies were quite pregnant
expected to deliver within a few weeks or so.

Then the nursery.

Everybody loved these cute little things!!!

Finally we moved into the store for a taste testing
of their goat cheeses.

My crew LOVES cheese!!!
All kinds!!

Ms. Priss quickly cleaned her plate
was asking for more!!!

Because of our love of cheese,
we might or might not have
let's just say,
we left with enough cheese to last us a while.
And thankfully it freezes well!! 

it was so much fun,
it wore the kids out!

We high tailed it to Raleigh after the field trip
and all 4 kids passed out!!

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