Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jackson Turns 8! (In March)

My second baby boy child
turned 8...
in March.
Which means he is now
8 and a HALF!
But I am thankful I have found a little time
to post a few updates
and can maybe get us up through the end of March...

We decide birthday plans as a family.
We give our guys options
then discuss them together 
and come up with a decision and a plan.

Last year we celebrated Jackson's 7th birthday

This year,
after much discussion,
he decided on a party...
A Ninja Party!

My sweet boy is pretty much obsessed
(as much as Jackson gets obsessed with stuff)
with ninjas!
He has been a ninja for the past 3 Halloweens
and is asking to be one again this year.

So thanks to Pinterest,
we pulled one together.

A sweet friend came over and helped me 
(did most of the work for me)
make 20 ninja masks
20 red ninja belts.
(because I don't sew)

Then thanks to help from the local hardware store,
we made:
swords using silver spray painted 5 gal paint stirrers,
nunchucks from foam insulation tubing,
red and black duct tape to decorate them,
red and black construction paper throwing stars!

Even my dad jumped in to help!!

Rico is modeling the belt, the hood and 
absolutely holding the sword UPSIDE DOWN!
Oh well...

Whose idea it was to give a bunch of 8+ yo boys 
wooden swords and foam nunchucks...
I will never know.
(not my best mom-idea, but they had a blast,
and no one got REALLY hurt)

My middle sis,
Her daughter
my daughter.

 Mr T looking more like an undertaker 
than a ninja here...

But totally showing off his 
"ninja skills"

The boys,
and girls,
trying to see exactly how many this airplane 
can hold at one time..

Rico practicing on his 
hand drawn ninja silhouette.
I was super proud of how this turned out,
that kid can draw.
I seriously have 
idea where 
 talent came from!
(see it in the tree?)

Sister close up... 

Girl cousin sliding.
Lex wants a sister so bad.
Sorry girl,
you are stuck with 
three stinky brothers.

Tony Cruz jumped on for a ride.

Cake Time!
I am SUPER proud of that banner 
hanging behind the kids.
All this took was a printer,
black card stock,
white paper
and my handy paper cutter!

Here comes the cake!
I make the kids cakes every year.
I enjoy it...
This was my take on a 
Ninja Cake!
Complete with white chocolate throwing stars!

I think the birthday boy liked it!

Cutting the cake.

Red velvet on the inside.

After eating cake,
the hood went back on
for the opening of the presents...

But no one could see
 his facial expressions,
so his big brother helped him take it off.

So we could see this smile.

(yes, that is cooking oil - to go with his new camp fire popcorn popper!!)

Then mommy couldn't resist this shirt...
it just fit the theme way too well!

(Warning, if ninjas attack...I'm using you as a shield)

Sweet cousin Lucy,
post birthday cake.

After our friends left,
we got some great quality time 
with my sister,
her husband
their daughter.


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