Thursday, September 11, 2014

March Randomness - (yes, March)

We had a busy busy March!
There will be individual posts on the exciting stuff
Jackson's Birthday
St. Patrick's Day
Chick Fil A Field Trip
Updating our homeschool room
Easter Egg Decorating
but here is how we spent the rest of it!

Dressing in your 3 yo brother's jeans because they were in your drawer..
and they fit...
sort of.

Camping with our Cub Scout Pack
(well the big boys and daddy did - 
the littles and I joined for just the day)

Eating this beauty

And making beeswax candles...
the old fashioned way!

Because that is how Cub Pack 8 
does Scout camping trips!

Eating out on our screened porch,
more times than I can count...
enjoying listening to the thunder roll around us
and the rain come down...
we all enjoyed that!

Making decorations for Jackson's Ninja Birthday Party...

4 kids sharing one beater
(bless their hearts!)

Opening windows
to let the spring breeze flow through...
then this kid coming
pulling up a chair
propping this little feet on the windowsill!

My sweet hubby helping my bestie groom tear stained hair from around 
her puppies eyes.
(the things people (and those that love them) do for their pets...)

Seesawing "adult style"
at my 8 yo's birthday party.

Peeing in the yard,
because you are 3 and the bathroom is too far away
and because you can...
while your 1 1/2 yo girl cousin looks on
trying to figure out what you are doing,
then trying to figure out how she can do it too...
(at your olde brother's 8th birthday party)
(senior yearbook picture???)

Taking selfies 
with my bestie
my mommy.

Eating dinner with my sis and her crew...
say Cheese Lucy!!!

The "we have to go because Grammy is in town"
trip to Chuck E Cheese 
especially if she is in town to celebrate a birthday.

Me taking advantage of the SUPER long tables 
to sort out basketball picture orders...

Chilling shirtless 
in a grocery cart
playing on mommy's old phone,
because its comfortable?

Then a mommy & me church date 
one Sunday night with this guy!!

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