Sunday, September 28, 2014

Easter Egg Dyeing Treat!!

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Easter Eggs?
But its September!
I am just getting a jump on next year.
(or not).

We did something special this year
for our 
Easter Egg Dyeing.

As you might have seen before,
we dye raw eggs.
Seen in the post here,
toward the bottom.

I came up with the idea a few years ago.
We don't a lot of boiled eggs.
But we do go through a lot of eggs!
So I wondered why we couldn't dye raw eggs.
Why did they need to be boiled first?

After researching a little,
my theory as to why people boiled the eggs,
was so that they could be decorated 
left out for a longer period of time
without spoiling as quickly

But we now have plastic eggs for all that.
BUT we still HAVE to dye eggs!

So why not dye raw eggs?
Well, why not??

There are a few extra precautions that have to be taken:
like putting them back in the fridge as soon as you are done,
taking them out shortly before you are ready to dye,
you have to be more careful because you are not supposed 
to consume eggs with cracked shells.

So that is what we do!
We dye raw eggs!

This year,
the word went out that our small local newspaper
was looking to do an article on someone
who really does up their eggs each year.
Like REALLY puts time and effort 
and decorates them NICELY.
Goes above and beyond.
We don't!

I just so happened to mention our new tradition of dyeing raw eggs,
to our local homeschool group.
One of the members suggested I contact the paper and let them know about what we did.
I didn't think we qualified for what they were looking for,
but figured,
what the heck!
So I contacted them.
They decided they liked the idea
decided to do an article on us!!!

So we set up a time for the photographer
writer to come by...
then the fun began!!

One of the draws for the newspaper,
was not only that we dyed raw eggs,
but also that my kids
love seeing
whose eggs are going to be used to make what!
Whether it is
scrambled eggs
yolked eggs (over easy)
or pancakes!
for Easter,
I like making pastel colored,
egg shaped

The writer liked that idea.
So those two things combined,
is what helped them decide that
it might be worth putting in the paper.

I did not get any pictures of the actual dyeing process.
I was a little busy...

Here are the resulting eggs though!

After the eggs were dyed,
the kids argued over which eggs
were to be used to make our pancakes!

Sometimes the funniest moments,
are watching this crew eat!!

Mr. T had a hard time tackling
these egg shaped pancakes.
And he wouldn't let me cut them up for him.

The writer,

and the photographer 

Enjoyed some of the pancakes too!

We patiently,
waited for our article to show up.
We were told it would be in the
coming Sunday's paper.

The paper arrived...
we weren't in it!

I was a little surprised.
And, I know how media works,
and things can get bumped at the last minute.
So I thought we might have been bumped.

I contacted the writer the next week,
and we did, in fact, get bumped.
To the following Sunday,
which was Easter Sunday.

So when we woke up Easter Sunday,
the kids ran to see what the Easter Bunny
had brought...
while I ran to see what the
paper boy had brought!

My baby girl and her funny face,
was on the front page!!!

Then the article and pictures!

We had a great time
were honored to be featured in our local newspaper!!

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