Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homeschool Corner: Chick Fil A Field Trip!!! (in March)


we got to go on a field trip
to our local,
and only,
Chick Fil A!!!

We don't have a large homeschool community
in our little town,
but I'll be derned if all of them
didn't show up for
THIS field trip!!!
They had to do the tour in about 4 different groups!

First we got a little history,
and the rules!

Then we saw and heard
that they pack all salads
fruit cups
BY hand,
every couple of hours!!!

And the fruit comes in containers that 
we would buy ourselves from the grocery store!

They had bread their chicken,
every few minutes.

And no matter how often,
or how many different ways
the kids
(and maybe moms)
he would NOT give away the 
secret recipe for the breading...
mainly because he didn't know it.
They get it in premixed bags...

They go through a lot of sugar!
But only use it in their 
sweet tea
(Ice Dream comes premixed)

He let the kids see the fridge and freezer...

And even let them hop in the freezer!

Think it was cold in there?

Then we got a treat,
and it ended with 
each kid getting an 
Ice Dream Cone!

Thanks Chick Fil A!!!

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