Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recipe Corner: Swiss Chicken Florentine Casserole

My crew is not much of a 
casserole type of family.

A few of my children like to see
clearly what I am trying to feed them.
They are GREAT eaters,
they truly love a variety of fruits and veggies.

One of the casseroles we do actually eat,
is Swiss Chicken Casserole.

And to me, recipes are just 
ideas, suggestions or guidelines.

I will try a recipe to the letter
the first time...
then I get to modifying.

Swiss Chicken Casserole 
calls for 
chicken breasts,
cream of mushroom soup, 
sour cream,
swiss cheese,
stuffing mix
and butter.
It is pretty yummy as is...

But here is my latest edition,
that was pretty stinking good!

1) Chicken:
The original recipe tells you just to place
3-4 chicken breasts in the bottom of a greased dish...
I take it one step further,
to speed up the cooking process (maybe)
and dice it the chicken breasts up
into bite sized pieces.

Then I layer it on the bottom of the greased pan.

2) Spinach!
I thawed 1/2 a bag (or 1 full box)
of chopped spinach,
then pressed out most of the water.
I sprinkled that on top of the chicken.

3)  Swiss Cheese Layer:
Original recipe called for 
"one slice of cheese per chicken breast"
I took it a step further and sprinkled a whole bag of shredded swiss on!

4)  Cream Mixture Layer:
Mix one can of cream of mushroom, with one cup of sour cream.
Then I had a small package of white mushrooms that needed to be used,
so I chopped those up and threw them in.

Then spread on top of the cheese layer.

5)  Stuffing layer
I would recommend paying the extra money
and getting the "real" Stove Top Stuffing mix here,
I have tried the store brand and the brand in the bag...
but Stove Top has more flavor, 
so I stick with it.
Sprinkle the entire box on top
evenly over the creamy mushroom mixture.
pour a stick of melted butter over the top.

Bake at 350 for about 30-40 min.

I keep a thermometer handy and stick it in,
but since I cut up my chicken,
it is usually done pretty quickly.

This is the only 
"after" picture I got...
it was devoured 
before I knew what happened!


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  1. I tried your recipe and was disappointed. I am glad I tried it out before serving it to company. The dish was very watery--I think it probably had to do with the mushrooms and chicken not being pre-cooked. Would change that in the future. Maybe use rotisserie chicken instead of raw. Or saute the chicken and mushrooms. Also the stove top stuffing was almost inedible because it didn't ab sorb enough moisture, even though I baked the dish covered (Not specified in directions). I think I would add a half cup chicken stock to the stuffing before putting it on top of the dish.